A couple of questions about spinoff

Would you guys mind if I illustrated rather than staged some pictures? Obviously I wouldn’t do all of them, but there’s definitely some in the first chapter that I have no idea how to stage.

What mysteries from DODC or the Belues do you want to see resolved?


A Spinoff?

Hey, everyone. I know I’ve been on hiatus for forever, and have tried many times to pick up both this and the Belues during that period. I think the vast difference in tones made it very difficult, as well as my busy schedule and obsession with comic making. I also really struggled with my plot choices this generation. I really regret killing off Bianca, as well as that stupid love triangle. I’d love to rewrite it, but have had to delete all of my Sims 3 stuff because of my computer space (I really need photoshop to publish my comic). HOWEVER, I’m thinking of combining the Belues and Doves in a spinoff of sorts. It will feature Flannery, Scarlet, Watson, Elizabeth, John, and maybe a de-berried Alto. 

What do you guys think?