A couple of questions about spinoff

Would you guys mind if I illustrated rather than staged some pictures? Obviously I wouldn’t do all of them, but there’s definitely some in the first chapter that I have no idea how to stage.

What mysteries from DODC or the Belues do you want to see resolved?


2 thoughts on “A couple of questions about spinoff

  1. Sims can be a bit limiting in scene setting, so if you feel that the story would benefit from your own style and pictures, then I think it would be a fun twist šŸ™‚ This is your story, so we trust your judgement. And you might find it could be a bit easier to write since you won’t have to fit within the confines of the game.

    • Thanks! It’d definitely be easier, and I’ve grown much better at art since taking up comic making. Staging can be such a pain, sigh. That’s why most of DODC ended up scenery shots towards the end-I literally couldn’t figure out how to stage so many important events and ended up having to change the plot to fit the game.
      Mostly I’m just worried about readers thinking it’s too inconsistent.

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