Hello there! I’m Madison, an eighteen year old Sims enthusiast from the US of A. I spend my days not doing homework, playing Mass Effect, hanging out with my boyfriend, biking, and writing as best I can. I love words, rhetoric, and literature, and hope to pursue them after high school-perhaps in the realms of essay writing, fiction, or editing. Or, if the American economy is any indication, burger flipping.

A Dove of a Different Color is my second Sims 3 legacy; it is a very different style from my other, now on permanent hiatus legacy, And That’s Terrible! I’d like to thank FruHurricane and her wonderful rainbowcy Twisted Color for inspiring me to try Berries, and also inspiring me to attempt my first Random Legacy Challenge. I’ve never played a randomcy or a rainbowcy before, and am very excited to tell these fresh, exciting tales of technicolor people and their bizarre lives.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading!


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